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Rae Bibb and Masiey

Rae owns two boxers, Tess and Masiey. Rae started agility lessons with Masiey in January 2012. Masiey is deaf (which doesn't stop her from enjoying a fulfilled life !). They first attempted agility at the national YKC camp in 2011 where agility lessons were on offer. During the week Masiey showed promise and Rae was encouraged by YKC to continue. Shortly after this they started agility lessons, and have never looked back. They haven't competed yet but hope to in the new season.

As well as doing agility, Rae is well into dogs, competing in breed, showing Boxers and many other breeds. She is also on the committee of Romford and District Canine Society. Rae says that agility is a great way for her and Masiey to bond and have fun !