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Margaret O'Neil & Fizz

Fizz is an 8 year old Shetland sheepdog (sheltie) and has been training in agility since puppyhood, with time off when she had both patella's pinned in her back legs, and at that time Margaret wasn't sure if Fizz would be able to do agility ever again.
Margaret says Fizzy Whizz is also known as the Hare & the Tortoise dog as when Fizz runs for her she is tortoise dog, whether Fizz thinks Margaret can't go faster or not we will never know, but when Fizz runs for Val the trainer she is all waggy tail and eager to go and changes into the hare dog. Fizz has done some competitions and also achieved some clear rounds, and next year Margaret is letting Val give Fizz a go in competition and who knows they may even get into places.