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Lyn Marsden and Daisy

Lyn’s family have 2 Border collies, Beau is 9 ½ and loves chasing balls, and Daisy who is nearly 4 loves jumping. Lyn got a hint of this just before Daisy was a year old when they used to find her sitting on their garden table. So Lyn asked a friend what would be the best thing to control this, she told Lyn about a lovely friendly fun agility club knowing Lyn wasn’t keen on agility (Lyn says it’s not that she doesn’t like it, it’s just that she couldn’t see herself doing it). After thinking what would be best for Daisy Lyn phoned Val who welcomed them to her club.

Sadly early in 2012 Daisy started showing signs that all was not right. She was referred to Davies Veterinary Specialists who found she had an Idiopathic 3rd Degree AV Block and her only chance of survival would be to have a pacemaker fitted. They performed the operation the next day and she was hospitalised for a further 5 days. Her recovery time was about 3 months after discussing with the vet Lyn decided for her to try agility again. Over the last year she has slowly built up training although she is never pushed by either Lyn or Val. She is full of beans and a little madam who gets away with murder but to Lyn’s family she is very special and they feel very lucky to have her.