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Kathryn with Max and Tommy

Kathryn and Max started agility in January 2002, they found agility through talking with another dog owner who did agility. Max is a German Shepherd & Labrador cross who is 12 years old and still loves his agility. He is Kathryn's first agility dog. They first trained with Conneely Agility Club and then have been with the 3L's since it first started. Kathryn has competed in many shows with Max, but now due to his age he has joined the Veteran group and only jumps very low jumps, but he still enjoys competing.

Tommy started agility in May 2013 when he was approximately 10 months old. Tommy is a rescued Jack Russell cross Border Collie who belongs to Kathryn's brother. As he was so energetic Kathryn decided that she would do agility with him which he really seems to be enjoying. Tommy came along to agility as his best friend Max was already going along there. Kathryn hopes to be competing with Tommy soon.