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Gloria Vandervaart with Bonnie & Pepzi

Bonnie is a 10 year old Border Collie, from working stock, bought by accident during a shopping trip to buy a new hamster bottle. She was incredibly challenging as a puppy and was on her last warning, having chewed her way through two sofas and numerous shoes, when Gloria resorted to agility training. It gave Bonnie a whole new focus and she has really excelled. She has now retired from competition and does agility for a fun way to keep her owner fit and healthy.

is a Welsh Collie. Again from working stock ( you'd think Gloria would have learned the first time wouldn't you). She is now 3 years old and so laid back most of the time she's almost horizontal. She's learned a lot from Bonnie (unfortunately) and loves her agility. She's done a few competitions but everything is a game to Pepzi so Gloria prefers to do it for fun.