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Gloria Eastaugh with Fizz & Scoot

Glo says she got into agility by going along to the shows dogless with Val when Val first started to compete with Kassy. Glo says she found the agility very sociable and they made many friends at the shows they used to go to, that in the end she used to run other people's dogs around the courses hence getting the agility bug. Her first agility dog is Fizz a rescued Bearded Collie X who Glo picked up at an EMDAC dog show back in May 2004. Fizz was 8 months old and came with many issues some of which Glo has not been able to correct but Fizz is a vey loving dog and a good friend to Glo. Glo says they are as nutty as each other and that's probably why they get along so well, and if Fizz had gone to another home, because of her issues she probably wouldn't be around to do agility today. Fizz is 10 years old and is still competing at agility and doing very well. Fizz finds her way around the courses better than Glo and has got Glo out of trouble many a time.

Then along came Scoot, another rescure dog, a small little bundle of fun. Glo is not sure what breed Scoot is, a bit of a mixture, also Scoot being a rescure dog Glo isn't sure about her age either but she thinks she is probably about 3 years old now.Glo has started to compete with Scoot, and says not very successfully at first but they are improving all the time, and have lots of fun.

Glo says because she now lives in Kent it is not possible for her to trainwith the Loonies as much as she would like, but she is always there to support them at shows.