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Dean Sheppard & Alfie

Dean and Alfie are a brand new team to agility. Alfie is a 2 year old Border Collie who came into the family at 8 weeks old. Dean and Alfie joined Woodford Bridge Obedience club run by Wendy Collins and started with the 8 week puppy training course. We completed this course and stayed on with the club to improve Alfie's obedience. We have worked together through the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold standard.
In September 2012 we attended Wendy's Good Companion Dog Show in Dagenham and had a go at Fun Jumping with Val and her team from Lodge Lane Loonies. We were hooked straight away but had to wait our time until Feburary 2013 before a place became available.

We started training with the Loonies and found out how much there was to learn both for Alfie and Dean. Alfie had all the speed and ethusiasm but needed drection, Dean didn't have the speed or the direction. With a lot of help, support and advice from the trainers we started to get it together. Eventually we got enough confidence to enter our first BAA show at Jumping Jacks in May 2013. For Alfie it was just another day out but for me I was a bag of nerves. Our first event I went one way, Alfie went the other. A lot of shouting and pointing from me and a lot of barking from Alfie but we got around.

Now 8 months into Agility we have taken part in about 8 shows and managed a few clear rounds and even managed to be placed in a couple of events. It's fair to say but yes we have the 'The Agility Bug'. It's still great fun for both of us and we both look forward to our training nights and the shows.