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Brenda Halverson

Brenda owns two dogs but leaves the running of them to her daughter Cathy Shepherd. She has Heidi a German Spitz aged 9 years old, who was retired from doing agility about 3 years ago due to the fact of a joint problem with one of her front legs, but recently Heidi has been competing again in the Veteran classes over lower jump heights.
Brenda's other dog is a 5 year old Papillion called Teasel. You can read more about Teasel and Heidi in Cathy Shepherd's briefing due to the fact that Cathy runs both of them.

Brenda plays one of the most important parts of the loonies club, she provides all their members with tea and coffee on club nights, and not only makes drinks for them all she also provides them with homemade biccies and cakes on numerous occasions all year long. She also helps and assists the Essex Girls when they are helping at BAA shows. She is a greatly treasured member of the club.