About Us

Val Sewell tells you how the Lodge Lane Loonies came to be:

val2 Back in the early 1990's a lovely lady called Pat Conneely set up a small agility club at Collier Row, called Conneely Agility Club.

Around 2001 I was looking for somewhere to do agilitywith my border collie Kassy, and by luck a friend of mine when dropping her daughter off at gymnastics one Tuesday afternoon spotted a group on the adjacent field doing agility and made enquiries for me.

Hence my first meeting of Pat at the Basildon Gymnastics Club playing field. This was only her summer venue so when the winter approached the training ceased, so she invited me along to her Thursday evenin group at Collier Row, Essex. OOOOh I thought it's a bit of a journey, so perhaps I will go along once a month just to keep a bit of agility going through the winter months. So along I went, and was totally hooked and ended up attending week after week.

Sadly around 2005 Pat decided to move to Stoke on Trent, she put all her agility equipment up for sale which would mean that the club would end up being disbanded.

After making numerous enquiries as to other clubs in the area, I was coming up with nothing, and although the Collier Row venue is in a bit of neglect, it does have its advantages, so after some serious thought I asked all the other members if they would be interested in keeping the club alive, and if I got enough response to cover costs I would buy Pat's equipment from her and try and keep the club going.

I had enough people interested, so the purchase of the equipment went ahead and we managed to keep the club up and running ever since.

For the first coupleof years after taking the club over from Pat we added the word Fun into the name of Conneely (Fun) Agility Club, but after a couple of years as members came and went, not many were left who remembered Pat, so we decided to change the club name and had a vote on a few different names and finally ended up with the 3L's Agility Club alias the Lodge Lane Loonies.